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Everything you need to give that special little person a party to remember forever and ever. There is no party like a Cornwall Parties party. Our Parties are modern, energetic and interactive with plenty of games to keep everyone involved with a great sound track and one of the BEST light shows on any children’s party in Cornwall. But we know you will have seen all party providers saying that, so have a look at our website and Facebook page, see our Photos, Videos and Reviews

Disco – Party Games – Mascots and Characters – Candy Floss – Popcorn – Bouncy Castle – Hot Dogs – UV Glow Parties – Teen Parties

All our parties are for Over 4 years old right up to 18 years of old

£130 for 2 HOURS (OVER 4s ONLY)

Children’s Mobile Disco with Party Games & Prizes. This is our most basic party for 2 hours from £130. Everything else we provide is an ADD ON to our Disco. So if a Disco with Party Games, Dances & Prizes is all you want then this is great fun for everyone.

Our Disco parties are 2 hours long. During that time we play current chart songs & family songs which are age appropriate. During this time we interact with the children and play a host of games including classic party games, sing off & dance competitions (all age appropriate) and we give small bags of sweets as prizes. During the party there will be a 15 – 20 min paerty food break and for the children to have a rest before we wear them out some more.

PLEASE NOTE that our parties are a Disco environment with loud music (at safe levels), flashing disco lights and lots of children & parents all singing & dancing and having fun which can be quite noisy and overwhelming. So if you have a child that does not like that environment then we would suggest that are parties are not for them.


Look below to make your party even BIGGER!

All of our parties and Extras MUST INCLUDE our Children's Disco from ONLY £130. Below you can build your own party package (you must include the disco) or for real value why not check out some of our party packages below including TROLLS, PUP RESCUE, STAR WARZ, SUPERHEROS, FROZEN, MINIONS, UV & TEEN PARTIES & More

Face Painting From £30

Photo Booth From £40

Candy Floss From £50

Popcorn From £40

Party Food Boxes From £70

Hot Dogs From £50

We have a great array of Characters & Mascots all available for hire for parties or Events. All come with a member of staff to wear the costume.
For Legal reasons we must state that our Dog Characters are our 'Pup Rescue' dogs and not another well known TV series